Who are we?

Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen
Attorney at Law

Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen is a lawyer with extensive experience within the field of immigration law, especially in regard to asylum cases, cases on family reunification, and work permits. He also has experience with the area of family law, especially in regard to cases on custody and visitation rights. Prior to joining the practice, he was a special consultant at the Danish Institute for Human Rights, where he gained considerable experience with conducting national and international human rights cases. He has a PhD in anti-discrimination law and is co-author to the latest edition of the main Danish textbook on immigration law. He teaches courses on immigration and asylum law to other lawyers on a regular basis. He has also taught courses on ‘International Law’ and administrative law at the University of Copenhagen. He has been appointed as the national expert for Denmark in the area of immigration law by MigNet, an international network of independent lawyers within the EU member states.

Founder Jacobsen Khawaja Law Firm 2021-
Partner at Homann | Jacobsen | Khawaja 2015-2021
Attorney at Law Homann Law Firm 2010-15
Danish Institute for Human Rights 2008-10
Ph.d.-student at The University of Copenhagen 2005-08
Danish Institute for Human Rights 2003-05
Jonas Bruun 2002-03

Anti-discrimination law
Refugee- and immigration law
Human rights
Family law, including cases of custody and visitation rights

Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja
Attorney at Law

Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja has been employed in the Danish Ministry of Justice, where he focused on national and international criminal law and EU-law. He has been a public prosecutor with the Copenhagen Police, the District Attorney, and the Attorney General. Prior to this he was employed at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. As a result, he has extensive experience in regard to both national, international criminal cases and human rights questions. In addition, his areas of expertise include immigration and asylum law, where he, in particular, has experience with taking cases of general public interest to the Immigration Appeals Board and to court. He has also pleaded before the European Court of Justice. In these cases he especially draws on his knowledge of human rights and EU Law. He teaches in various courses on criminal law and immigration law at the University of Copenhagen, and in courses arranged for lawyers and judges etc.

Founder Jacobsen Khawaja Law Firm 2021-
Partner at Homann | Jacobsen | Khawaja 2015-2021
Member of The Criminal Law Committee of the Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society 2019-
Attorney at Law Homann Law Firm 2012-15
Director of Public Prosecution 2011-12
Part-time prosecutor at the Regional Public Prosecutor for Copenhagen 2009-12
Assistant national member for Denmark in Eurojust 2011-12
The Ministry of Justice 2007-11
Part-time prosecutor at the Copenhagen Police 2007-08
Danish Institute for Human Rights 2004-07
Documentation- and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination 2003-04

Criminal law
International criminal law, including extradition and transfer of sentenced persons
Refugee- and immigration law
EU Law, including free movement
Human rights
Animal welfare and animal transport

Petra Alexandra Fokdal
Assistant Attorney

Petra Alexandra Fokdal is a graduate from the University of Copenhagen and has written her bachelor thesis as well as her master thesis on issues relating to the European Convention on Human Rights. In addition to an outstanding academic record, she has held positions as a student assistant in the Danish Courts, the Ministry of Justice and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. She also volunteers as a legal counselor at Copenhagen Legal Aid. She has broad knowledge and interest in cases linked to fundamental human rights and has special expertise in cases related to discrimination on any grounds.

Assistant Attorney at Jacobsen Khawaja Law Firm 2020-
Master of Law, University of Copenhagen 2019
Exchange student, University of California Hastings College of the Law 2017
Legal adviser, Copenhagen Legal Aid 2017-

Immigration law
Anti-discrimination law
Human Rights

Lisa Dalgas Christensen
Assistant Attorney

Lisa Dalgas Christensen is a graduate from the University of Copenhagen and was given the price from the Ministry of Justice’s Research Policy Committee for her master thesis relating to the European Convention on Human Rights and the Istanbul Convention. She has experience from other Law firms and among other things she worked as a student assistant in the Ministry of Justice. She has also through several years been volunteering as a legal counselor at Copenhagen Legal Aid.

Assistant Attorney at Jacobsen Khawaja Law Firm 2021-
Asisstant Attorney at Kammeradvokaten/Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith 2019–2020
Master of Law, University of Copenhagen 2019
Legal advisor, Copenhagen Legal Aid 2017–

Immigration law
Human Rights

Anne-Sophie Kofoed Rasmussen
Assistant Attorney

Anne-Sophie Kofoed Rasmussen has an LL.B. from the University of Copenhagen and is now studying to complete her LL.M.  Throughout her studies she has focused on human rights law, criminal law and EU law. She has been working at Homann, Jacobsen and Khawaja since November 2017, assisting in cases related primarily to immigration law. Within the area of immigration law she has specialized in cases concerning Danish citizenship. She also holds degrees in Art History and English and has previously worked as a curator, and translator.

Maria Dommer Nielsen
Legal Adviser

Maria Dommer Nielsen is a graduate in Law from the University of Copenhagen. She has an LL.B. degree in Global Law from Tilburg University, which comprised studies in comparative and transnational law, as well as various fields of EU law, including cross-border litigation regulation, EU constitutional law, EU administrative law, EU intellectual property law and EU data protection. Her areas of expertise are Human Rights Law, Data Protection Law (GDPR) and Immigration Law. 

Sarah Christine Poulsen

Lise-Lotte Andersen

What we do

Immigration Law

There are many rules within the area of immigration law. The consequences of not following these rules can be far-reaching. It can result in the withdrawal of a residence permit, expulsion with an entry ban, and heavy fines. Therefore, it is important to get qualified advice on rules, practices, application procedures, etc. We offer such advice based on years of in-depth experience with this complicated area of law.

We offer advice within all relevant areas of immigration law, for instance in regard to:

visas, asylum, spousal reunification, other family reunification, green cards (repealed from 10 June 2016), the pay-limit scheme, self-employment, study permits, au-pair permits, EU-residence permits, permanent residence permits, revocation and lapse of residence permits, and extension of residence permits.

In regard to work permits, we have extensive experience offering advice to both employers and employees (read more here).

Furthermore, we assist with obtaining EU-residence permits through the State Administration, also in complicated cases on free movement, and in cases on derived rights for family members to workers with Danish citizenship (read more here).

We also assist with appeals of denied applications for residence and work permits, which are normally brought before the Immigration Appeals Board.

In addition, we have extensive experience with all aspects of acquiring Danish citizenship, for example, in cases where dispensation from the language requirement or other requirements is relevant. In this regard, we can assist you with your application to the Danish Ministry of Integration.

Contact us for an informal discussion, so you can find out how we can help with your case.

Criminal Law

We will defend you in all types of criminal cases, including minor offences such as traffic violations and more serious charges of fraud, assault or murder. We can assist at all stages of your case.

Our experience is based on many years of working as defense attorneys, as well as having worked inside the police and public prosecution authorities.

It is important for us that you feel confident with the defense that we provide for you. Therefore, we do our utmost to discuss all parts of your criminal case with you anytime you need it.

Our areas of expertise include allegations of having worked illegally or having employed illegal work force in Denmark, threats of expulsion and extradition, drug cases and other serious criminal offenses. We also have considerable experience with cases involving imprisonment abroad, where the request is to serve one’s sentence in Denmark.

It is a fundamental principle that you have the right to choose the defense lawyer you want, even if a lawyer has already been assigned to you by the court. Therefore, if you want us to defend you, you can always request this.

Contact us if you need assistance with your criminal case.

Family Law

We offer assistance in regard to all family law issues. In particular, we provide assistance with questions regarding prenuptial agreements, wills, divorce, separation, and custody and visitation rights of children.

These types of cases affect the most important part of your life. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure you the best possible assistance.

We have extensive experience in cases where either both or one parent is not a Danish citizen. In these cases, specific issues may arise in regard to revocation or preservation of the non-Danish citizen’s residence permit, and concerning where and with whom the children will reside.

EU Law & Human Rights

When we assist our clients, we have a particular focus on human rights, such as the right to life and the prohibition against torture, the right to a private life and a family life, the right to own property, and the right to equal treatment and not to be discriminated on grounds such as gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin and disability.

In practice, when representing our clients, we often call upon international conventions, such as the European Convention on Human Rights, the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Refugee Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

We also focus on EU-law when appropriate, especially in regard to issues involving residence permits and the right to free movement of workers for other EU-citizens and their family. We have extensive knowledge in regard to the so-called ´Swedish solution’.

We have experience with taking cases before international bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Committee, and the EU Court of Justice.

We also have experience with investigating human rights violations on an international level. Our cases include such high-profile clients as Wikileaks and Julian Assange´s Defence Fund, Open Society Foundations, and the European Roma Rights Centre.

Employers & Employees

We assist many companies in immigration related cases, and have extensive experience with offering advice to Danish companies who are looking to employ labour from abroad. There are different ways to obtain residence and work permits for employees, for example, by use of the Danish positive list, the so-called pay limit scheme (for employees with high salaries), schemes for highly educated researchers or for people with special skills, such as performing artists or professional athletes.

It is important for your company and your employees to make use of the right scheme. We offer advice within all areas and can find the best solution for you based on your specific needs.

Contact us for an informal discussion, so we can help you with deciding which approach works best for your company.


We have many cases that raise matters of general public interest, especially in the area of immigration law. Many of these cases involve questions related to our clients’ fundamental rights and the interpretation of Danish rules in light of international human rights law. You can read about some of these cases and relevant news here.

If you are involved in a case of a similar nature, we recommend that you contact us to discuss, what we can do for you.

Fees & Legal Aid

Standard Fee

Our standard hourly fee is agreed upon on an case by case basis, but is normally DKK 2,200 + 25 % Danish VAT, in total DKK 2,750.

It is based on the amount of time spent working on your case, the use of special competences, and the complexity of the case.

The standard hourly fee applies to assistance to individuals in cases related to family reunification, asylum, criminal and family law.

In many cases it is possible to get a lawyer appointed by the state, and our fee would then be determined by the courts in accorddance with the current rates set by the courts (read more about having a lawyer appointed here).. The hourly rate if appointed is currently DKK 1.775 (DKK 2.218,75 including VAT). If we are appointed counsel all costs will be covered by the state. This does however not apply to criminal cases if convicted.

In general, we do not offer to take on cases for a set fee. The reason for this is that the amount of time that needs to be spent on a case may vary considerably. We find it most fair that you, as our client, only have to pay for the actual time that we spend on your case.

Note that our hourly fee for business clients and for private clients in other areas of law, other areas of immigration law than family reunification and related to obtaining work permits is agreed upon on an individual basis.

How much time is used on my case?

How much your case ends up costing depends on the total amount of time spent on your case. This varies a lot depending on the nature of the case and the specific circumstances of the case.

Here is an estimate in different types of cases based on our experience:

          Application for spousal reunification: 6-10 hours
          Application for a permanent residence permit: 6-10 hours
          Application for a work permit: 4-6 hours
          Filing a complaint in one of the cases above: 4-10 hours
          Extension of a residence permit: 4-6 hours
          Challenging revocation of a residence permit: 6-10 hours

Legal Aid

We often assist our clients with getting legal aid, so they can take their cases to court without having to worry about the costs.

Most people in Denmark have legal insurance through their home insurance. If you have home insurance, we can request legal aid from your insurance company. This means that your insurance company will have to pay for most of the costs of the case.

If you do not have home insurance in Denmark, we can file an application for legal aid with the Danish authorities. You qualify for this type of legal aid if your personal income is less than DKK 336,000 annually (for 2018), or if the case involves matters of general public importance. Notably, these options are only available if your case is going to court.

Appointed lawyer

In some cases, you have the right to have a lawyer appointed to you by the Danish state. In these cases, the outset is that the state covers the legal fees.

This is the case in most criminal cases. If you are acquitted, the state will pay all expenses. However, if you are found to be guilty, the state will request that you pay the legal costs of the case.

In all asylum cases, you are entitled to have a lawyer appointed to you for the handling of the case before the Refugee Appeals Board. The state will cover all costs no matter whether you are granted asylum or not.

In certain cases related to immigration law, it is also possible to have a lawyer appointed. This is, for example, possible in court cases involving refusal of family reunification for children under the age of 15 or in cases before the Refugee Appeals Board concerning the withdrawal of residence permits based on asylum.

If you have an annual income less than DKK 336,000 (for 2018), it is also possible to have a lawyer appointed in court cases involving family law issues, for example, in custody cases.

Contact us to get more information on your options.

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